Grade 4



Within the 4th grade classroom, the students will be read narrative and expository text aloud with grade-appropriate fluency and accuracy and with appropriate pacing, intonation, and expression. The 4th graders apply knowledge of word origins, derivations, synonyms, antonyms, and idioms to determine the meaning of words and phrases. The 4th grade students read and understand grade-level-appropriate material. They will draw upon a variety of comprehension strategies as needed (e.g., generating and responding to essential questions, making predictions, comparing information from several sources). Students will read and respond to a wide variety of significant works of children's literature. They will distinguish between the structural features of the text and the literary terms or elements (e.g., theme, plot, setting, characters). 9g0ao2w1


By the end of grade four, students understand large numbers and addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers. They describe and compare simple fractions and decimals. They understand the properties of, and the relationships between, plane geometric figures. They collect, represent, and analyze data to answer questions. Students solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers and understand the relationships among the operations. The 4th grade students will also use and interpret variables, mathematical symbols, and properties to write and simplify expressions and sentences.


The 4th grade students will learn about physical sciences and how electricity and magnetism are related effects that have many useful applications in everyday life. They will learn concepts such as how to design and build simple series and parallel circuits by using components such as wires, batteries, and bulbs. The 4th grade classroom students will learn how to build a simple compass and use it to detect magnetic effects, including Earth's magnetic field. They will also learn about life sciences and that all organisms need energy and matter to live and grow. 9g0ao2w2

Social Studies:

Students will learn the history of the world. They will also learn the unique history of Thailand in terms of its varied geography, its continuous diversity, economic energy and rapid growth in recent years. As an International School students are encouraged to reflect upon their own cultural identities and to recognize and respect cultural similarities and differences within a global perspective.


At Buds, it is essential to incorporate the Thai culture and traditions. The 4th grade students will be introduced to the basic foundations of Thai culture. The students will learn the Thai language and structure by learning the Thai alphabet in a positive and fun environment.

Arts and Crafts:

The arts and crafts class has a wide selection of coloring tools, paints, brushes, play dough and other creative materials for the 1st grade classroom to explore and express themselves artistically. The 4th grade students use their knowledge of proportion and measurement learned in mathematics when they create a portrait. Measuring from the top of the head to under the chin, they find that the eyes are halfway between. They learn how to draw a symmetrical portrait.

News, Events and Field Trips:

In December we had our end of Semester 1 field trip. All of our students enjoyed a fun and relaxed day of activities and games. On three separate days we took the nursery, the kindergarten-Preschool to the Phuket Zoo. The Primary school visited the Botanical Gardens. A good time was had by all. Check out the gallery for photos of the trips. On December 23rd we had our annual Christmas Party, Santa came to visit and had a gift for everyone. Thanks to everyone who joined us! We are very excited to announce that Buds has officially obtained a licence for the Primary School which means we can now offer student visas. Please contact the office for more details. As always we are continuing to improve our facilities with new books, playground equipment and toys. Be sure to like Buds International School on Facebook for more recent news and updates!

Primary School Curriculum:

We have made a major change and upgrade to our primary school curriculum. We have adopted the internationally top rated, “Common Core Curriculum Standards,” and have been using the modern textbooks that have been specifically developed for this standard. This has enabled us to provide a clear and consistent curriculum throughout the entire school at BUDS to ensure that all of our students are learning and progressing at a standardized rate that is recognized as being elite on an international level.

Sports classes:

We continue to offer swimming classes to all our students in the Kindergarten and Primary School. Since Phuket is an island and the culture is very aquatically based, we believe that teaching our children about water safety and progressing their ability to swim is very valuable and important. These lessons also help introduce our students into the world of sports which helps lay the foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle in the future. facebook