Our Staff

We have a very low ratio of children to staff. This insures that from nursery to primary school your child is always closely supervised and encouraged in their studies and their behaviour. Our classes are limited to 12 children per class and we maintain a 3 to 1 student to staff ratio to maximize the child’s learning experience and to insure your children’s safety. Each class has an experienced native English speaking teacher with a college degree as well as a Thai teaching assistant. We employ four experienced assistant teachers. They help the teachers supervise the classes and help give our children a shower after their lunch and their mid-day playtime in our spacious outdoor yard and playground. Three of our Thai assistant teachers have earned their Thai Government Nursery, Kindergarten, Pre-School teaching certificates. All of our staff truly love children and we all enjoy working with them, especially as we see the children learn, grow and develop into more accomplished and rounded individuals. We have found we are able to hire more qualified staff because of our Monday to Friday 7:30 to 5:00 schedule. This allows mothers more time with their own children and allows other staff to attend college courses on the weekend. One of our teaching assistants is a trained registered nurse and our cook is a professional hotel cook. Both work with us because it allows them more time with their young children. Our American/Dutch Thai management team has now run the school for almost five years and we have found that being surrounded by young happy and eager kids has proven to be an extremely satisfying and rewarding experience.

News, Events and Field Trips:

In December we had our end of Semester 1 field trip. All of our students enjoyed a fun and relaxed day of activities and games. On three separate days we took the nursery, the kindergarten-Preschool to the Phuket Zoo. The Primary school visited the Botanical Gardens. A good time was had by all. Check out the gallery for photos of the trips. On December 23rd we had our annual Christmas Party, Santa came to visit and had a gift for everyone. Thanks to everyone who joined us! We are very excited to announce that Buds has officially obtained a licence for the Primary School which means we can now offer student visas. Please contact the office for more details. As always we are continuing to improve our facilities with new books, playground equipment and toys. Be sure to like Buds International School on Facebook for more recent news and updates!

Primary School Curriculum:

We have made a major change and upgrade to our primary school curriculum. We have adopted the internationally top rated, “Common Core Curriculum Standards,” and have been using the modern textbooks that have been specifically developed for this standard. This has enabled us to provide a clear and consistent curriculum throughout the entire school at BUDS to ensure that all of our students are learning and progressing at a standardized rate that is recognized as being elite on an international level.

Sports classes:

We continue to offer swimming classes to all our students in the Kindergarten and Primary School. Since Phuket is an island and the culture is very aquatically based, we believe that teaching our children about water safety and progressing their ability to swim is very valuable and important. These lessons also help introduce our students into the world of sports which helps lay the foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle in the future. facebook