K2 and K1 Here at Buds, we are dedicated to nurturing your child's imagination and knowledge in our fun and educational environment. Throughout the day, our flexible lesson plans cater for a balanced and structured atmosphere, allowing the children to develop skills in crucial areas extremely beneficial to their future.


Communication at Buds is primarily conducted in English. Children are encouraged to converse with teachers and peers, increasing their vocabulary and expanding sentence structures. Through teaching the alphabet to learning to write, and listening to stories to learning to read, children are able to express themselves and cultivate their own opinions, as well as adopting an appreciation for songs, stories and poem.


We understand the importance of culture and tradition at Buds, so children are introduced to the basic foundations of Thai culture, its language and structure by learning the Thai alphabet in a positive and fun environment. Kindergarten 3  


Capturing a child's interest in Math at an early age by introducing it in a fun and stimulating style is essential. Basic Math is vital in every child's life, so we teach basic arithmetic, adding and subtracting, introducing simple times-tables, counting and measuring to ensure your child is confident with numbers.


Children have so many questions, so students are encouraged to make observations, suggest explanations why, experiment and come to conclusions bout the world (and universe) we live in!


Learning to coordinate and balance their bodies whilst interacting in different physical activities ranging from team based games to solo exercises allows children to understand the importance of working together, listening, patience, fairness and fun! We also take the kids swimming twice a week to be trained by professional qualified teachers, for a small extra fee. We also offer twice weekly tennis lessons to our children at least 5 years old. Kindergarten

Arts and Crafts:

We have a wide selection of colouring tools, paints, brushes, play doh and other creative materials for your child to explore and then express themselves artistically in our brightly decorated, inspirational classrooms. Opportunities for acting, role-play and dress up provide your child with other unique creative productions.

Social Studies and Life Skills:

Every day we strive to help your child get the best start in education, and life! We promote good manners, a positive attitude and respect to ensure everyone grows confident in their blooming abilities. Self-help is important, so daily routines such as hand-washing, toileting, dressing, serving, eating and cleaning up after oneself is practiced properly. Your child will build an awareness of responsibility and respect for themselves, others around them and their environment. Individual themed homework is distributed daily, tailored to maximize each child's potential, varying from colouring activities, reading games, writing/spelling practice, puzzles and math. Through our extensive library of books, multimedia, experienced teacher interaction, games, toys, songs and rhyme, your child's understanding, well being and interests will flourish. Laughter, learning and love for all of the children equally is fundamental at Bud's, and is the reason why children look forward to their next day at school.

News, Events and Field Trips:

In December we had our end of Semester 1 field trip. All of our students enjoyed a fun and relaxed day of activities and games. On three separate days we took the nursery, the kindergarten-Preschool to the Phuket Zoo. The Primary school visited the Botanical Gardens. A good time was had by all. Check out the gallery for photos of the trips. On December 23rd we had our annual Christmas Party, Santa came to visit and had a gift for everyone. Thanks to everyone who joined us! We are very excited to announce that Buds has officially obtained a licence for the Primary School which means we can now offer student visas. Please contact the office for more details. As always we are continuing to improve our facilities with new books, playground equipment and toys. Be sure to like Buds International School on Facebook for more recent news and updates!

Primary School Curriculum:

We have made a major change and upgrade to our primary school curriculum. We have adopted the internationally top rated, “Common Core Curriculum Standards,” and have been using the modern textbooks that have been specifically developed for this standard. This has enabled us to provide a clear and consistent curriculum throughout the entire school at BUDS to ensure that all of our students are learning and progressing at a standardized rate that is recognized as being elite on an international level.

Sports classes:

We continue to offer swimming classes to all our students in the Kindergarten and Primary School. Since Phuket is an island and the culture is very aquatically based, we believe that teaching our children about water safety and progressing their ability to swim is very valuable and important. These lessons also help introduce our students into the world of sports which helps lay the foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle in the future. facebook